[Herald Interview] Alex Olle’s realistic reimagination of opera ‘Norma’ keeps art form alive

In opera, tradition often takes center stage. But director Alex Olle of La Fura dels Baus boldly reshapes timeless classics with realism, breathing fresh life into operatic experience while challenging the boundaries of tradition.

The opera “Norma,” which premiered as the opening production of the 2016 season at the Royal Opera House in the UK, is set to be staged at the Seoul Arts Center on Oct. 26-29.

"I wanted to come to Korea for at least a week to meet the actors and help them build the characters," said Olle, speaking to a group of reporters at the Seoul Arts Center. The 63-year-old Spanish director was in Korea ahead of the Seoul performance.

"The stage is alive. That's why it always has room to improve when you have a different location."

After the Korean production of “Norma,” Olle will direct the new opera “The Love of the Three Kings (L'amore dei tre re)” at La Scala Theater in Milan.